September 2009

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New Product! Phyto5000

Cellfood 40th Year Anniversary

New Regal smoking alternative device

 NEW  Phyto5000  Giving us a whopping 42,000 units of anti-oxidant power per capsule. Extensive research suggests that excessive free radicals are potential precursors to the development of chronic inflammatory conditions,  heart disease, and cancer. Phyto5000 is designed to promote the healthy reduction of free-radicals in your system. Did you know you would have to drink 1 1/2 quarts of tart cherry juice to equal the anti-oxidant power in just one capsule of Phyto5000? Our Phyto5000 has potent extracts of Resveratrol, Berries, Tea, French Maritime Pine Bark, Bioflavonoids, Ginkgo Biloba and much more...


Cellfood celebrates it's 40th anniversary: In 2009 Cellfood begins its fifth decade of helping bring optimum health to people around the world.

Cellfood is the worlds #1 oxygen + nutrient supplement, year after year.

Help improve the quality of your life today with a product that has proven itself over and over.

With the flu season upon us, increase your immune system with Cellfood and take advantage of our convenient online ordering, repeat customer discounts and 2 business day delivery to your door.

Cellfood - our newest testimonials
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I was on an international flight when reading the duty free magazine I noticed a product called "Liquid Oxygen". I went to my local health food store to inquire more about it and he suggested Cellfood to me. I didn't know what to expect from it but interested enough to give it a try. Well after about 3 days i noticed I felt more awake during the day without feeling "buzzy" and had natural energy. I was in the middle of a course and noticed I was retaining more information that I had in other courses.

The biggest change I has was the reduction of my headaches! I have been a headache sufferer for about 15 years with migraines as well. After about 6 days of using Cellfood I noticed I wasn't taking any pills (usually I would take 2-4 daily) to keep my headaches at bay. I CANNOT TELL YOU what a relief it is not to have a headache daily. It has been 5 weeks and none of my migraine medication!

Angela S, Canada

My family is shocked and amazed and I will tell the world how great this product is! I will never be without Cellfood.

I didn't know Cellfood could do all that it does. I have it for oxygen. I thought it would be a good supplement with the minerals and enzymes, and oxygen. I took it one time, yesterday. 10 drops. Never expected anything to happen. I noticed later that I was much more loving toward my animals. Than I noticed I didn't have near the pain I had before. I have Fibro. I noticed that I was much more relaxed and I slept better. When I got up this morning, I started stuff looking stuff up about this product. I am amazed that the things that happed were on the list. I can not believe this bottle can do so much. Thanks you. I will get back to you after a month.

 Debra C, TX

New Regal smoking alternative device


  • Features a High Capacity Cartridge
  • Sleek and elegant design with simulated green LED lighted tip
  • Unique, eye catching design creates more curiosity and excitement
  • It is a bit smaller than the Prestige and  closer to traditional cigarettes in size (4 3/8" x 5/16")
  • Features our new and improved battery technology
  • New hidden atomizer design
  • Comes with 8 cartridges, charger and extra atomizer
  • Priced at $99.95 Retail and $79.95 Wholesale   More Info

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Did you know that cigarettes have around 4000 chemicals and around 68 known carcinogens?

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