September 2008 Newsletter

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We have been fortunate to have found products that do enhance the quality of life for all who use them. Through offering these products we have enjoyed the rewards of helping others help themselves.  Diane

You can oxygenate, nourish , and detoxify your cells while balancing PH thus preventing disease.

Cellfood is the world's leading high-performance oxygen and hydrogen based consumer health product. For over 40 years, Cellfood has safely provided nutritional benefits, without toxicity.

Cellfood saves a young dogs life

Notification of Price increase on Cellfood Products

Hi Diane,
I want to tell you  how Cellfood saved a young Dogs life.
My daughter got her kids a puppy, a Lab/Australian Cross.  He is 7 months now and got the deadly Dog Disease Parvo or CPV.
He was taken to the vet and was sent back with out allot of hope. They just vaccinated him regardless, which I thought was silly at this point.  Most dogs die from this and the ones that actually make it will be very ill for 2 weeks or more before getting better.
The 1st thing my daughter gave him before they got him to the vet was Pedialyte for Human babies that he vomited up. When she found out what he had and the the seriousness of it she put 5 drops of Cellfood in about 1/2 cup of water and gave him the full shot every few hours. The 1st 24 hours his nose started getting wet and felt cooler. The Cellfood helped him keep the Pedialyte down. She continued the treatment and also got one  Electrolyte capsule that are used by Paramedics for humans in emergency's. (She was trained in this.) To make a long story short, the Cellfood with that final Electrolyte capsule on top of it cured him before the week was up. His appetite has returned to the point he was stealing the kids Hot dogs in the yard! He was really ready for solid food!
I have another daughter who is a Vet tech, say she has never seen a case of CPV healed within a week.  The Dog always suffers enormously for at least 2 weeks. Not in this case thanks to Cellfood and that Electrolyte capsule. He was fully recovered before the week was done.
If you want the best for your pets, put it in their water. It also cured my cats kidney and bladder infection.
Have a great week Diane!

Thank you Renee for sharing this story with us. It will help people help their pets!


Notification of Price increase for Cellfood Products.

Effective October 1st there will be a nationwide increase in Cellfood Prices. The price we have to pay for Cellfood products have also increased.  We are dedicated to offering the best possible price to our customers that we can.  Take advantage of the still low prices on Cellfood until October 1st 2008.  Order Now

October 1st prices below:

MSRP: Cellfood $29.95, our price, $26.95
MSRP: Cellfood Silica $34.95, our price $30.95
MSRP: Cellfood Multivitamin $34.95, our price 30.95
MSRP: Cellfood Weight Loss $36.95, our price 32.95
MSRP: Cellfood DNA/RNA $43.95, our price $38.95
MSRP: Cellfood SAM-e $43.95, our price $38.95
MSRP: Oxygen Gel $32.95, our price $28.95

We will still be offering Repeat customer discounts.

Thank you for your continued business and be well.