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 Cancer Testimonial - Jerry’s health report
Yesterday I was scheduled to go have a scope done inside of my bladder.  A week earlier I had a pathology urine test done, and got both results yesterday.  They found no cancer cells in my urine and no tumors in my bladder.  Not bad for a guy who isn't even suppose to have a bladder anymore and by many doctors should have been dead 3 years ago.  God is more than able and He will deliver us not only from sin and corruption around us He delivers us from ourselves, our pride and ego and self-worth.  He leads us not only into His righteousness but into good health but requires us to be obedient in His calling.  Oh, I could go on and on as you know but I just felt like praising Him to you because I know you love Him.   
To read a previous report concerning my fight with cancer that began in January 2004 you can read the following.  In fact, if you have cancer or know someone who does I would strongly suggest you read this link. 

Shalom, jerry

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Testimonial on Cellfood and Cancer
Testing shows no Cancer!!!!! Must See! 

New! Cancer Testimonial 12-2006

How does Cellfood help curing Cancer?  Cellfood helps by supplying oxygen, hydrogen, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.  When we become elderly, or ill, our cells may become unable to absorb nutrients. Cellfood helps the body at a cellular level absorb those nutrients needed for the body to heal.

It is not the nutrients you ingest that improve your condition; it is only the nutrients that are assimilated into your cells where they can be used, that can transform your life.

Oxygen  Oxygen Supplementation-A key to Vibrant Health

"As you begin to introduce more pure oxygen into your system, it's only a matter of time before your body will begin to respond with new levels of vitality, energy, endurance, and most of all wellbeing." Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAC, CNC,CITP

Oxygen is vital to the healthy functioning of our body. It fuels all of its systems, fires its chemical reactions, and eliminates wastes and toxins. Oxygen is absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood and is transferred to every cell in the body. Cellular homeostasis is dependent on adequate supply of oxygen in the blood. Life is indeed propelled by the oxygen in our blood, and a lack of oxygen results in sickness, poor vitality, poor stamina, fatigue and general weak disposition.

The greater oxygen levels in our bodies, the more resistant we become to viruses and harmful bacteria.

When scientists analyzed the oxygen content of air bubbles trapped in ice-core drillings at the Antarctica, they found that the earth's atmosphere at one time contained between 38% and 44% oxygen. Over the years, increased pollution, increased toxins, mass rain forest destruction, and the reduction in of other natural oxygen producers have decreased the level of oxygen in our present day atmosphere from above 38% to below 20%.In major cities the oxygen content of the air has measured as low as 10%. Combustion of carbon and hydrocarbon fuels decreases the oxygen content of the air. Decrease in the size of the earth's forests results in less oxygen being released back into the atmosphere. Cooking or heating food reduces the oxygen content in vegetables and fruits, and processed foods have little or no oxygen content. Eating packaged foods with preservatives, anything hydrogenated (margarine), polyunsaturated fats, white flour, processed sugars, etc. all rob the body of oxygen. Valuable oxygen is needed to process and metabolize these foods - oxygen needed for primary metabolic functions and to fight disease. Add to this smoking, drinking to excess, lack of exercise and stress and you can understand why the population is oxygen deprived.  Because our bodies are not designed for low level oxygen consumption, harmful toxins accumulate in our cells, tissues, organs, and blood streams. 

Initial symptoms of oxygen deficiency may include overall weakness, fatigue, circulation problems, poor digestion, muscle aches and pains, dizziness, depression, memory loss, irrational behavior, irritability, acid stomach, and bronchial complications. When the immune system is compromised by a lack of oxygen, the body is more susceptible to opportunistic bacteria, viral, and parasitic infections and colds, as well as flu. Oxygen deprivation can also lead to life-threatening disease, such as cancer. Cancer, and most other infections or disease cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment. Dr. Otto Warburg, twice Nobel Laureate stated, "the primary cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of body cells by anaerobic (i.e. oxygen deficient) cell respiration."

Diseases are anaerobic - they cannot exist in an elevated oxygen environment.

Some examples of anaerobic diseases are:

Cancer, influenza, HIV, herpes, measles, the common cold, Legionnaire's Disease, E-Coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, Arthritis, emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein-Barr Candida and even heart disease.


They exist and proliferate with little or no oxygen present. And most people are oxygen deficient. Significantly increase cellular oxygen levels and these anaerobic diseases cannot replicate, cannot proliferate, cannot exist. A very powerful statement but there are many doctors who now believe that a completely oxygenated body cannot harbor disease.

CELLFOOD provides nascent oxygen at the cellular level where it is needed.

Cellfood is unique in how it brings cleansing oxygen into the body. Instead of CELLFOOD itself delivering oxygen into your body- CELLFOOD® doesn't have a great amount of oxygen in it, except a little bit in the chemical bonds of the product itself- it actually causes oxygen to be released over and over- for days- into the body from the water that is already there! This action is much like the body's naturally occurring immune system creating hydrogen peroxide, H202, and then naturally breaking it down, as needed, into water and releasing oxygen to destroy harmful toxins and microbial invaders: H202 ® H20 + 01

Since the body is in charge of regulating the CELLFOOD reaction, CELLFOOD gives up all the nascent oxygen needed, but only exactly when, where, and as needed. It is postulated that very sick (toxic) people will get lots of oxygen from the CELLFOOD, but a well- oxygenated; inner-clean person will get only the little amount needed. Life knows what to do to sustain itself and your DNA has the perfect blueprint for your health. All you have to do is supply your body the pure and correctly balanced raw materials, and it is amazing what it will do for itself.

Cellfood has the fewest side effects of the many oxygen therapies, and no known toxicity. Elements that would normally result in toxic compounds cease to be threatening in the presence of deuteron activity. In a measured time-release pattern, harmful toxic compounds are broken down into their base elements and flushed from the body, free from the usual side effect cleansing reactions associated with other forms of oxygen therapy. In other forms of oxygen therapy- peroxide, ozone, etc.- large doses of oxygen instantly, upon application, oxidize or burn up all the toxic compounds they can reach, and are instantly used up doing so. It's almost as if the healing only can proceed outward, radiating from the point of application. The burst-then-nothing approach leaves half burnt toxic residues that still need to be flushed out. As the half-oxidized toxic residues leave the body they irritate it, causing headaches, swelling, fevers, nausea, pain, rashes, etc.

Because CELLFOOD acts in a time release fashion, slowly reaching peak activity 6 to 12 hours after ingestion, and since it is ingested three times during the day, a strong, slow, cascading effect time releases the oxygen continuously. CELLFOOD spreads throughout the body before being used up, and the reaction is catalytic and self-perpetuating. This insures the user a more complete and slower burn of the offending microbes and toxins into their basic elements, without intermediate byproduct-caused irritating side effects. Compared with all the side effects you can get from using pharmaceutical drugs, CELLFOOD supplementation is remarkably benign. There is no known toxicity from CELLFOOD when used properly. Some modern users taking up to 25 drops three times a day report only sleeping more, and having a deeper sleep during the initial detoxification period.

Of course, this measured release pattern of activity also includes a steady flow of ionic state full spectrum minerals, enzymes, amino acids, nutrients and hydrogen ions to every part of the body- all necessary to building the immune system and repairing the body. It is understood that the body rebuilds itself every 11 months. If one takes the CELLFOOD every day for 11 months, that would supply the body with a fine base of most of the elements and nutrients that it needs to fix itself. You should, of course, also eat a healthy diet.

Cellfood compared to other oxygen products:  Most oxygen products use mechanical or chemical methods to produce oxygen. When using mechanical method, there is a limit to how much oxygen can be pumped into a liquid and held in suspension. Usually, this is a small amount and it is not oxygen that is dissolved, it is oxygen that is suspended. There is a major difference between dissolved oxygen and suspended oxygen. When using chemical methods, there can be many problems in that the chemical content is not desirable and the oxygen can be dangerous free radical.

When most oxygen products are bottled, some of the oxygen leaves the water solution and goes into the headspace of the bottle (the space between the liquid and the cap). As soon as the bottle is opened, you need to drink it real quick or a lot of that oxygen in the headspace will disappear into the air quickly. When you drink the liquid, you are consuming oxygen and it is used immediately. After that initial oxygen, there is little or no oxygen left. With CELLFOOD, the oxygen begins to be "manufactured" as soon as it is added into water and when ingested into the body, continues to generate oxygen (if needed) for up to 12 hours. Only one-five hundred thousands of the available moisture is utilized at one time and this reaction is continued for several hours.

Concentrated CELLFOOD in the bottle can be compared to a battery in an automobile in that it contains energy that is in a storage form. If a dissolved oxygen test were performed on concentrated CELLFOOD, it would not show significant amounts of oxygen. Once a few drops of CELLFOOD are added to water, disassociation of the water molecule begins to occur with liberation of the oxygen and hydrogen. A dissolved oxygen (DO) test performed would show a significant amount of oxygen and the DO meter would continue to show DO over a long period of time.

The oxygen in CELLFOOD is dissolved oxygen (DO). The oxygen is not in suspension, it is not in solution, it is dissolved oxygen. It is oxygen that is an actual part of the water solution and is dissolved within that solution. It does not escape into the atmosphere quickly and is actually a "part" of that water. We like to say that CELLFOOD turns ordinary water into "magic water".

Cellfood® generates nascent oxygen (newly born). That is a single atom of oxygen that is negatively charged (O2-). The nascent oxygen atom (O-) is attracted to the free radical (O+), forming a molecule of pure oxygen (O2) at cellular level where it is needed for processes such as cleansing cells. Many other oxygen products tend to "flood" the body with oxygen, creating free radicals, which can result in oxidative injury to biological systems such as lipids found in cell membranes.

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