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Cellfood has personally kept me arthritis free after my childhood arthritis showed itself again over 10 years ago. It keeps my blood sugar balanced and has kept myself, my family and pets free of illness.  We truly enjoy the blessing of good health.


We have new testing results and testimonials for Fibromyalgia, and a new cancer testimonial that we would like to share with you if you have not seen the articles on our web sites.

Please keep in mind that Cellfood is not disease specific, it gives the body what it needs to heal, with its minerals, enzymes, amino acids and the ability to supply our cells with oxygen. Cellfood can help everyone.

New!  Testimonial for Fibromyalgia    Renee Marks, CCHt/CPLT/AP/RM/CR/CPC

Holistic Life Coach, Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAC, CNC,CITP, writes about using Cellfood in healing from Fibromyalgia.  Oh My Aching Body 


New Cellfood testing shows great results in helping with Fibromyalgia.   

University-Seina / Fibromyalgia

New! Cancer Testimonial 12-2006
Other Cancer Testimonials  Cancer

New Products  ReCharge for Humans and ReCharge for Pets

   For Optimal Energetic Levels & Longevity - the latest innovation in Laser Enhanced Nutraceuticals to Restore Vitality and Health" 

More than just a basic supplement, ReCharge contains metabolic compounds that have been shown in research studies to have profound effects on energy, longevity, and wellness. ReCharge contains factors to re-energize each cell while restoring function to the "little organs" - mitochondria - that are the energy producers in each cell. This potent formula repairs the deep structure of each cell while recharging its energy batteries.
This patented technology has the ability to increase the benefits of a given nutrient to significantly greater levels. This allows a given amount of a substance to give greater health effects gram for gram.
New Cleanses: Colon Cleanse | Liver Cleanse | Kidney Cleanse | Parasite Cleanse 
New Colon Cleanse: Proper bowel cleansing is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Our body rids itself of toxins through daily elimination. Due to our busy schedule, poor eating habits, travel/work schedules or stress, staying regular is often difficult. The intestinal cleanse can help.

New Kidney Cleanse: The kidneys do a remarkable job in keeping our bodies healthy. Keeping them healthy is obviously an important concern. Gematria's KIDNEY Cleanse is a wonderful combination of herbs to help flush out the kidney and help it deal with all the toxins that our modern society surrounds us with.

Liver Cleanse: The liver cleanses the body of all the poisons that infiltrate it daily, including fat, cholesterol, alcohol, drugs (both pharmaceutical and recreational), artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, airborne pollutants, and poisons in the water and food. The liver is your toxic waste disposal plant. While the liver’s ability to deal with these toxins is extraordinary, once the limits of its function are exceeded, these toxins accumulate in the liver and cause disease. Gematria’s New Liver Cleanse formula contains beneficial herbs to support the liver.

New Parasite Cleanse: Is there really a problem with parasites and worms in our country? The answer is YES! Many people are traveling to countries where parasites are common and food is also being imported from many of these same countries. Chemicals and solvents that we are now exposed to in our food and our surroundings can also contribute to our susceptibility. It's important to cleanse the body, especially the bowel. That is why Gematria has created a Parasite Cleanse using a combination of herbs that are purported to address hundreds of varieties of parasites, and with no side effects.

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