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Featured Product:  Cellfood DNA/RNA

Some of our most asked questions concerning Cellfood concentrate.

Cellfood DNA/RNA 

Cellfood DNA/RNA and Homocysteine
Reduce your risk of death from many major diseases up to 100% with 90 days

I have never seen more benefit in one bottle than in this product. 

One of our testimonials for Cancer the customer is still using this product and my latest report, is now cancer free.  Cancer Testimonial

Numerous published scientific studies indicate very significant health benefits from DNA and RNA component supplementation. Almost every system of the body has documentation of improved health, vitality, or function from providing supplements of these fundamentally important cellular elements, from infancy to advanced age.

Some of the many benefits are:

Infections (example: Staph aureus and Candida)
Tissue Regeneration
(Providing readily absorbed and assimilated DNA and RNA bases can be one of the most powerful ways to assist any tissue to repair and renew itself)
Wound Healing
Endocrine Gland Repair
(the endocrine glands that secrete minute amounts of hormones into the blood without which every function of the body can suffer)
Intestinal Integrity (Maturation and Bowel Flora)
HDL Cholesterol Levels
Growth & Development
Cellular Immunity
(The main effectors of cellular immunity are cells that arise in the thymus gland. These cells are often called T cells)
Memory Enhancement (Although other support nutrients are an important factor, optimum memory function is not possible without a rich supply of nucleic acids)
Longevity (It is perhaps functional nucleic acid deficiency that limits our potential for healthy longevity more than any other single factor)

Cellfood DNA/RNA and Homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is an amino acid that can accumulate to toxic levels as you age. The lower your homocysteine, the younger and healthier the condition of your DNA. Homocysteine levels are increased with smoking, alcohol use, oral contraceptives, red meat ingestion, high-fat diets, and aging.

Dangers of  High Homocysteine levels: Alzheimer's, Cancer, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Depression, Headaches, Infertility, Pregnancy problems, Thyroid Problems, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Obesity, Ulcers, Macular degeneration, Bone fractures, HIV, High Blood pressure.

In addition to reduced homocysteine, the treated subjects also showed highly statistically significant improvement of several clinical symptoms that included the following:

1. Reduced anxiety
2. Decreased body aches and pains
3. Elevation of mood
4. Decreased paranoia and obsessive-compulsive scales
5. Reduced hostility
6. Much decreased global symptom profile (all symptoms taken together in one comprehensive score)

Reducing homocysteine and improving methyl group transfers does more than protect and repair DNA and lower cardiac risks. Thousands of published scientific studies in the metabolic pathways related to the formula components also suggest the following potential benefits of these nutrients:

1. Cell membrane repair
2. Increased Sam-e and serotonin levels
3. Balance of neurotransmitter chemistry in the brain
4. Increased melatonin with immunologic, anti-aging, and antioxidant effects
5. Regeneration and repair of insulating myelin sheaths of nerves
6. Rejuvenating degenerating proteins into functional proteins again
7. Required for full antioxidant potency of antioxidant proteins in every cell and tissue
8. Repair of joints and cartilage
9. Reduced risk of colon and other cancers

Added ATP Benefits: ATP is the fundamental currency of every cell in the body. Virtually every activity in the body that requires energy uses ATP as the source of power.

1. Cellular Energy
2. Neurologic Effects
3. Cardiac Strengthening
4. Muscul Performance
5. Lung Function
6. Cellular Immune Enhancement
7.Antitumor Effects
8. Improved Human Survival of shock
9. Sexual Function


CELLFOOD DNA/RNA has an outstanding safety profile. The levels of nucleic acid elements provided falls within the internationally approved safety guidelines for supplementing nucleic acids in infant formulas, if used as recommended on the product label. As these guidelines are on a per kilogram basis, the suggested adult usage is 6 sprays by mouth per day.

The one precaution is that the purine nucleic acids adenine and guanine are metabolized to uric acid in the body. Persons with elevated uric acid or a history of gout may have a very slightly increased risk of an episode of gout while taking nucleic acid supplements. Because of the very high potency and bioavailability of the nucleic acid elements in CELLFOOD DNA/RNA, the specific quantities of purine bases are well below that usually associated with an increased risk of elevating uric acid.

Some of our most asked questions concerning Cellfood concentrate.

Can I take my other supplement along with Cellfood? Yes, it is safe to take your supplements with Cellfood. As a guide as to what to take with Cellfood remember - Cellfood will enhance the absorption of anything taken with it. Our family uses Cellfood with our supplements, vitamins and juicing to enhance the absorption of the nutrients.

Can I use Cellfood with Coffee? Yes, Cellfood is safe and there is no need to change your diet with the use of Cellfood. (Some people in our testimonials change their diet for certain health issues to help in their healing.)

Do I need the 1 ounce Cellfood Concentrate with the other Cellfood supplement products? Yes, even though Cellfood supplements contain Cellfood, they do not contain enough for a recommended daily amount needed.

Will hot, cold or x-ray effect the Cellfood?  No, Cellfood will withstand heat, cold and x-ray.

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