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Cellfood may help Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) 

Parents whose children regularly use Cellfood report that it has greatly assisted in improving concentration, alertness, listening skills, memory, ability to complete tasks, school and sports performance, and behavior in general.
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by Sister Michèl Maree-Ginsberg|       
Registered nurse working with schoolchildren


IF YOU ARE A PARENT, I am sure that you have at some stage been concerned about the possibility of your child suffering from the controversial Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Why is this reaching epidemic proportions? Is it a spin-off of the fast-living, fast-food, quick-fix, pollution filled, high-tech world our children face every day? Or, has it become a convenient diagnosis for the ‘unbalanced’ behavior of our new millennium children?
And, is there an alternative for restoring balance in our children without contributing to the increase in drug usage to treat ADHD and ADD?
ADHD children operate at full speed, exhausting teachers and parents with their energetic, and out of control behavior.
They have limited attention span, make careless mistakes, have difficulty organizing tasks or completing them, often fail to follow instructions, and interrupt during conversations and games.
In contrast, ADD children are restrained and often socially withdrawn. They tend to have fewer conduct problems; however, their school performance suffers, due to their learning disabilities and inability to concentrate. They may be depressed, anxious, and self-doubting; and daydream as an escape mechanism.
There are strict criteria for diagnosing ADHD and ADD, which should involve a multidisciplinary team of parents, teachers, occupational therapists, doctors, pediatricians and psychologists. Before a diagnosis is made, one must eliminate factors, such as the effects of allergies, poor hearing or eyesight, excessive exposure to loud and violent television and computer games, fast-foods (with additives, preservatives and colourants), which could all be factors in unbalancing the child’s behavior.
What you need to know about balancing your child’s behavior

In this era of hi-tech and quick-fix remedies, we must remember that our human body has amazing capabilities, and has been well-designed to balance, restore, protect, and energize all its systems provided it receives the correct care and nutrients.
Ironically, it is our advanced technology, with its accompanying pollution and harmful chemical effects on foods that is causing many problems with our children. Serious nutrient deficiencies today are often the reason for many disorders and diseases in children.
Children suffering from ADHD and ADD are often deficient in magnesium and dopamine (essential brain chemicals); either due to poor diet; or, because of the body’s inability to absorb certain elements (the modern-day malabsorption syndrome— due to cell damage).
From my experience, I have found that the comprehensive nutritional supplement, Cellfood, is benefiting many children, because it contains both magnesium and the amino acid tyrosine, from which the body manufactures dopamine.
Cellfood also supplies the cells with additional oxygen, necessary for optimal brain functioning and balancing.
In addition, Cellfood supplies the body with 78 minerals and trace elements (vita for the maintenance of healthy nerve cells); 34 enzymes (necessary for proper absorption of nutrients); and 17 amino acids (for the production of antibodies and neurotransmitters chemicals for conveying brain signals).
I have found, that Cellfood is so effective in balancing a child’s systems (especially in dealing with malabsorption) that parents are astounded at the positive results.
Parents whose children regularly use Cellfood report that it has greatly assisted in improving concentration, alertness, listening skills, memory, ability to complete tasks, school and sports performance, and behavior in general.

Apart from balancing and nourishing many bodily systems, the nutrients in Cellfood also assist in enhancing the immune system, and so children have less colds, allergies, and ‘classroom illnesses.’
My experience with my own children and many others has shown me that Cellfood will balance your child and enhance your child’s ability to be more productive, resourceful, confident, and successful in facing the many exciting challenges of our everyday world.

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