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November 2010


Brittany’s Story


Thanks to Cellfood, Brittany’s health is wonderful.

In 2001 I was told by a specialist that she would be totally in a wheelchair because of her health and she might live to be 21.


She was in pretty bad health and lived on antibiotics. It has been almost a year since she had a round of antibiotics and she will turn 20 in April. She is on Cellfood, DNA/RNA, vitamins, 100,000 units of Vitamin D weekly plus 7,000 unites by mouth, and daily SILVER (an old-time natural medicine for antibiotics). I hope other people have as good results on this as we have.





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  Cellfood Silica 


Taking Cellfood Silica daily helps diminish the signs of aging. It helps reduce or eliminate dry and wrinkled skin, weakened teeth and gums, hair loss, and weakened bone structure. It can also help the body repair, rebuild and correct a variety of body ailments resulting from the aging process, including cartilage and digestive weaknesses.


Many professional athletes use Cellfood Silica following physical activities to help reduce their nature recovery period and accelerate the healing process.


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