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" Poor absorption among Americans - especially those under stress, those eating poorly, and senior citizens - has become an enormous problem. When the human body cannot absorb nutrients properly, and when the food themselves are of questionable nutritional value, the body is severely compromised as a self-healing organism." -Todd Ovokaitys, M. D."

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Trace Minerals, Colloids


Real Willard Water

All of the trace minerals and nutrients contained in Real Willard Water come form the fossilized remains of prehistoric vegetation, which have been “locked up” in lignite coal for literally ages. Dr. Willard found that by treating lignite coal with a very strong solution of “the water” (far stronger than is ever sold), it would break down the lignite, freeing up the nutrients it contained, and eliminating any and all of the harmful elements normally present in lignite coal (benzene based compounds, for instance). The FDA and other labs have tested the product for the presence of any harmful metals or toxic substances and have found none.

Even though these trace minerals and nutrients are present in Willard Water in extremely small amounts, some of the reports from users would indicate that those nutrients are “doing something”, or perhaps those nutrients, enhanced by being in this colloidal form, and /or when combined with the other nutrients the user takes in through his food and food supplements, which are then apparently also bound to the colloid, make for a seemingly remarkably effective nutritional combination. Information we’ve seen, in the Physician’s Desk Reference and elsewhere, indicates that only 15% to 25% of any nutrient in pill or tablet form is absorbed and actually utilized by the body. However, when in colloidal form this absorption and utilization is increased to 80% to 90%!

Many people find it very interesting that four of the micro-nutrient metals mentioned asbeing excellent scavengers of free radicals are consistently present, via this “lignite source”, in Real Willard Water. They are copper, zinc, manganese and selenium. Some say they are present is such small amounts, you’d about have to think of them as homeopathic in nature to believe they could have any nutritional impact, thousands of users reports would seem to indicate that somehow those nutrients do have an effect.




The only difference in the clear and dark Willard Water is that the dark has lignite in it. Giving it more trace minerals than the clear, which we are in need of today. Both work well and neither have a taste. The dark when mixed will look like a weak tea. So for those of you who don’t like to drink tea colored drinks, than the clear would be for you.

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