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" Poor absorption among Americans - especially those under stress, those eating poorly, and senior citizens - has become an enormous problem. When the human body cannot absorb nutrients properly, and when the food themselves are of questionable nutritional value, the body is severely compromised as a self-healing organism." -Todd Ovokaitys, M. D."

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Editor’s Note: The following article, written by Dr. John W. Willard, discusses nutrition in animals. Man is a warm-blooded animal. As Dr. Willard says, "Man has been given dominion over other animals, but Man is still an animal." With that in mind, we believe the following information regarding animal nutrition to be of interest to many people whether they are involved with livestock or not.)

Livestock, utilized by man, fall into two broad categories. The ruminants, having a stomach with four complete cavities and the "straight gut" animals which have only a one compartment stomach.

The ruminants include deer, antelope, sheep, goats, cows, bison, camels, giraffes, etc. The "straight gut" animals include pigs, horses, mules, asses, etc. Basically, the requirements for a "good" life for these animals are essentially the same for both groups. However, the nutrient requirements vary to some degree. In the following dissertation we will treat all animals the same, assuming that the concerned reader will make the necessary adjustments needed to apply to their operation.

To fully appreciate how Willard Water Products can be beneficial in production of livestock one must realize what is involved in supplying nourishment to the entire living body.

The minimal unit of structure of the body capable of carrying on all the vital functions are the cells. Groups of cells that are similar in structure form a tissue. Each tissue is specialized for the performance of definite functions, such as muscular tissue for contraction. The next step upward in organization is the association of various types of tissues to form organs for the performance of specific functions, such as kidneys, to produce urine. The final step in the organization of the body is the arrangement of a group of organs into systems, each of which is responsible, for a series of functions. An example is the digestive system. The systems of the body are the skeletal, muscular, excretory, endocrine and reproductive systems.

Only recently have the medical profession and the scientific communities obtained a realistic model of the living force in the cell. The new picture indicates a "structured water" inside the living cells. Dr. John Wesley Willard, Sr. has spent years developing the patented catalyst which significantly alters the structure of ordinary liquid water. Most living things are 60-90 percent water. So water is probably the most important nutrient in every living thing. When a living thing is "sick" it is for one of two reasons, both of which are concerned with food and water:

1. Something is needed by the body, which is not there.

2. Something is not needed by the body, which is there.

Nutrition is defined as: The sum of the processes by which an animal takes in and utilizes food substances. Also: the act or process of nourishing or being nourished. It is desirable that nutrition should be considered in terms of supplying nourishment to the entire living body.

One must always remember that it is only the "biologically available" nutrients that the animals understand and respond to. These are the nutrients that are conditioned down into minute molecules that can be absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to the various and many body organisms.

Total nutrition should include the provision for the maintenance of the animal's health. Commonly this is being endeavored through use of synthetic drug, additives. One must always remember that every drug product is toxic to some extent. Drugs produce dietary deficiencies by destroying nutrients, using them up, prevention their absorption)n, increasing their excretion, or chemically taking, their place.

The first step in nutrition is to get the animal to eat the product. As with humans, the food must be palatable to the animal. We have evidence that adding, Willard's Water to an unpalatable food often makes the animal consume more of that feed stuff. Digestion starts in the mouth of the animal and involves mixing ingested food with water.

The digestion process involves many complex chemical reactions, to wit: unless the complex crude protein molecules are conditioned down to minute amino acids that can be absorbed into the bloodstream, they will pass on through the animal as undigested protein. The use of the "activated water" helps to digest some of the undigested protein. The starches contained in the carbohydrates must be converted into sugars before they can be used as energy. Meta, pyro, and phvtin phosphates have to be converted into an ortho phosphate before they can be used as phosphorus. The amount of the undigested nutrients passed off in the droppings will generally be in close proportions to the efficiency, or inefficiency, of the above conversion processes. Analysis of manure from animals using Willard's Water shows that the manure had little nutrient value. (Note: This would mean the animals had utilized an unusually high percentage of the nutrients in their food.)

The bulk of the food nutrients in plants are embedded (locked up) within fibrous bonds. The more effectively that these fibers are broken down--that much greater the release of food nutrients will be. Natural fermentation factors provide micro-organisms that are of a natural flora type and function more harmoniously with the rumen bacterial already present. The presence of a more active form of water enables these micro organisms to do their job more efficiently.

The enzymes also function in the area of increasing, feeding mileage from feed intake. The cellulytic group assist in the breakdown and digestion of fiber. The protease group function in obtaining a greater amount of usable protein from the feed intake. The amylase group functions in converting a greater amount of the carbohydrates into sugars that can be used as energy. The lipase croup functions in converting the saturated (hard) fats into free fatty acids.

A ration should always contain nutrients sufficient for maintenance and body repair. This does not necessarily mean any massive intake on a crude level; such as protein, vitamin A, etc. Instead, it is in reference to factors that will provide a balance in protein's amino acid make-up, vitamins, trace mineral elements, mineral, energy and other factors that aid in influencing the utmost in nutrient availability. Tests using Willard's Water indicate the same gain with less feed intake.

Minerals and trace mineral elements are as important as vitamins in maintaining good health and a sound body. There is a big difference in inorganic minerals and the same minerals in the organic (life) form. The trace minerals in ["Dark" Willard Water] are of the minerals from organic material laid down in nature some 50 million years ago.

No medicinal product has the ability, within itself, to perform any body healing. They only set up circumstances whereby the body heals itself. In private communications from veterinarians they have stated that probably 75-80 percent of all animal diseases are due to stress. Stress is any change in conditions that is not good for the animal's well being. Stress can result during severe exercise, after loss of blood, in severe pain, during emotional excitement (racehorses, etc.), exposure to extreme heat or cold, etc. During stress there is a reduction in the lymphatic tissue, including the spleen and the thymus; this means fewer lymphocytes in circulation. Water constitutes 91-92 percent of plasma and lymph resembles plasma in composition. Again, we see the importance of the right kind of water in the life processes of the body.

I am a 75 year old (at this writing) chemist who grew up at a time when ranchers, farmers and poultry raisers did not have the advantage of "scientifically" balanced medicated feeds, however, our grandfathers weren't excited if a cow only produced 4 to 5000 pounds of milk during, a lactation period, plus a calf too.

Likewise, they weren't excited if it took 2 1/2 years to put a steer on the market or 8 to 9 months to put hogs on the market. Time was not such a big important factor to most of them.

However, every community had its best farmer or rancher; the same is true today. The "good" operator paid attention to keeping his equipment in good operating condition. He took good care of his land, crops. and livestock. He used his native intelligence and experience based on visual observations to determine his best practice.

I accidentally discovered "Catalyst Altered Water" some years ago, and in the process of researching for possible uses for Catalyst Altered Water, I was forced to educate myself in the chemistry of living, things, both plant and animal.

As part of my research, I talked with many successful farmers, ranchers, older agricultural extension agents, modern experts in the field of the growing of plants and animals, etc. Because of the lack of money, part of my research has been conducted on farms and ranches using visual aids, yield of treated product, either plant or animal, compared to controlled samples.

For one's own eye-balling of stock, the following observations I prove of value:

1. Eye sparkle

2. Coat luster

3. Conditions of droppings

4. Walking rhythm

Eye Sparkle:

Watery or weak eves may be an indication of Vitamin A deficiency or pink eye. However, there are other deficiencies that will cause watery or weak eyes. Vitamin E has a major effect upon the absorption of iodine. In the initial stages of diseases or poor utilization of ingested feed it will appear as a dullness of the eye.

Coat Luster:

A hair coat with a sheen or gloss is generally an indication that the ration is providing adequate nutrition in all segments. It is also quite dependable for health information.

An ample intake of ration without noticeable reflection in hair-coat luster is a pretty good indication that such a ration is only feeding, the animal in parts.

Dropping Condition:

The color, texture and odor of the droppings is a good indication of the "plus level" in feedings. Droppings that are overly firm and stack up is an indication that the carbohydrate (energy) is far in excess of the protein intake, so increase the protein.

If the droppings are in a rather loose condition, that is an indication that protein intake is in excess of the energy.

If the droppings are watery and very loose, it may be due to too heavy a fiber intake, or mold or toxins in feed.

The odor level in the droppings is very informative that utilization of both digestion and absorption of feed nutrients are functioning properly. There should be little or no odor. A rather strong, odor indicates poor feed utilization.

Walking Rhythm:

The level of rhythm in an animal's walking, is closely related to its usable supply of calcium and phosphorus and their metabolism.

If the animals have a rhythmic gait to their walk, its generally a reliable sign that the mineral balance and its metabolism is satisfactory. If the animal shows signs of a "shuffle walk", a look at the mineral intake and its metabolism is then very much in order. Vitamin intake and performance as well as the intake of stable trace elements are essential for optimum mineral absorption and retention in the bone marrow. Vitamin D is essential to mineral retention.

Nutrient intake, nutrient absorption and body retention of nutrients are all essential for building animal health. Now supposing that we had a more reactive form of water that would influence those performances through greater vitamin activity, trace mineral utilization to assist metabolism and nutrient retention, plus a more effective mineral utilization, a test trial of 14-21 days will show whether "Catalyst Altered Water" is an economical aid to "plus feeding".

In many private communications with Veterinarians, ranchers and farmers the following testimonials have been collected.

Livestock using, Catalyst Altered Water showed greater resistance to shipping fever.

During weaning, branding, dehorning and castration the animals show less stress and adjusted to their normal life style of drinking and eating in a shorter period of time, compared to control animals.

In talking to a group of older ranchers who had been using the water in their operations, I told them that their results were not scientific proof. One rancher reached into his pocket and laid his checkbook on the table and commented, "there is my proof'.

I have knowledge of two feed-lot operations, in Iowa and Nebraska, who deliberately buy culls or less desirable animals at sales rings and use Catalyst Altered Water to bring the animals into good market animals.

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