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" Poor absorption among Americans - especially those under stress, those eating poorly, and senior citizens - has become an enormous problem. When the human body cannot absorb nutrients properly, and when the food themselves are of questionable nutritional value, the body is severely compromised as a self-healing organism." -Todd Ovokaitys, M. D."

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State Energy Remedy




Aqua Gel

4oz. Aqua Gel  $13.95



Whether you’re athletic, or not-athletic, a senior citizen or a newborn baby, a sun worshipper or an indoor captive, chances are you will find many uses for Aqua Gel

Aqua Gel users report receiving a refreshing, cooling reaction from the Gel when it is applied to tired, aching muscles, burns, sunburns, insect bites, etc. Users also rave about the gel’s apparent effect on various skin conditions and about their hair being soft and manageable and easier to style.

The Catalyst Altered Willard Water suspended in Aqua Gel can be used for most applications and as often as desired. The Real Catalyst Altered Willard Water is known for its apparent swelling reducing properties and it retains that some ability in the refreshing, cooling gel.

The Gel is designed to penetrate the skin so it can go to work beneath the surface on those sore spots you can’t reach. Users report that it works on the surface of the skin as a gentle skin conditioner, keeping the skin smooth, supple and some say young.

Use Aqua Gel as generously as you like, as often as you like. After all, if it can help your skin and body to behave as nature intended, why not?

People also use it on dogs, cats, horses, cows and pigs!

See: Burns and Sunburns

See: Bites and Insect Bites See: Bleeding cuts, and scars

See: Muscles

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