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USP Challenge Test of Cellfood

USP Challenge Test of Cellfood®

Conducted by Bioscreen Testing Service. Inc. 3892 Del Amo Boulevard, Ste, G-5 Torrance, CA

Date test initiated:      4/17/96         Project # S-081

Date test completed:  5/20/96         Reference # 087p166

What the test means:

The USP Challenge Test is a well-known test showing ability of a substance to retard the growth of tested pathogens, much like a preservative protects the contents of a bottle. These results show that Cellfood® destroyed all of the five pathogens tested, and they did not return during the entire 28-day testing period.

Sample Description:
ACC#:         Sample:       Test Performed         BTS Method       Reference:
S00207 Cellfood USP Challenge Test M101 USP 23

Results:                                        Table Summary
Micro               Initial            Day 7       Day 14     Day 21     Day 28    
Organism Inoculum/ml

Colony Formed Units/ml

A. niger 2.6 x 105





B. albicana 2.1 x 105





E. coli 1.0 x 105





P. aeruginosa 8.7 x 105





S. sureus 6.7 x 105





Microbiology Analytical Report

ACC#:       Sample:       Test Performed:       Method:       Reference:
S00207 Cellfood Zone of Inhibition M203 USP 23

ACC. # 800227       Neg. Control       Novobiotin
Aone of Inhibition         20.00mm No Zone 28.95mm


The pathogen-retarding capability of the product examined is effective if:

· The concentration of viable bacteria is reduced to not more than 0.1% of the initial concentration by the 14th day.

· The concentration of viable yeasts and mold remain at or below the initial concentration during the first 14 days.

· The concentration of each test microorganisms remains at or below these designated levels during the remainder of the 28-day test period.

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