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Nutritional Supplements are saviOverlooked Dietary Requirement May be your Key to Longer and Healthier Life: A Landmark Study

"Overlooked Dietary Requirement May Be Your Key To A Longer And Healthier Life: A Landmark Study."

In the field of Longevity Medicine, the factors that prolong healthy life are sought as a Holy Grail. The most impressive study to date was performed by Dr. Max Odens in rats. In animals that had already lived about 80% of their life span, he gave one group the treatment and the other group the placebo. The animals receiving the placebo lived no longer than usual. In dramatic contrast, the treated animals began to look and behave like they were younger. They re-grew hair and muscle and became more physically active. By the end of the study, the treated animals had at least doubled and some nearly tripled the usual life span of the animals. There is not other intervention do date that improves upon these results in mammal.

What was this extraordinary elixir of youth? The researcher gave once a week injections of substances that are key to life. He gave weekly shots of DNA and RNA. Nutritional science has taken the stance that DNA and RNA are not essential nutrients. The argument is that because the body can make DNA and RNA from simpler nutrients in the diet, that it is not essential so ingest them. However, recent evidence indicates that under stress or with aging itself the body may not make enough DNA and RNA to support optimum health. Further evidence of the profound impact of sufficient nucleic acids, the building blocks of DNA and RNA, comes from a broad range of studies. In a double blind protocol, mice with aggressive Staph aureus infection in the blood have greatly improved survival from 21% to 71% if nucleic acids were injected. With severe radiation exposure, untreated mice showed only 5% survival. If nucleic acids were given, survival was increased by 900%. While giving iodine with radiation exposure protects the thyroid gland, this does little to support the more critically affected intestinal lining and immune system tissues. In contrast, supplemental DNA or RNA delivery strongly supports the structure and function of these tissues with high cellular turnover.

An innovation on providing life giving nucleic acids without injection, Cellfood DNARNA combines several powerful elements. The Cellfood in this formula has been shown to improve cellular oxygenation, have anti-oxidant action, and to enhance nutrient absorption. Of utmost importance, this formula provides the pure individual bases of DNA and RNA to provide highly absorbable small molecular components free of any DNA sequence information. A patented laser enhancement process is applied that has been shown to amplify nutrient bioavailability. Formulation as an oral liquid further supports rapid absorption and assimilation. The formula also contains nutrients that have been shown to slow, stop or even reverse aging at the DNA level. Reduction of homocysteine in a double-blind clinical study verifies the DNA anti-aging effect and shows the shift of body chemistry to a more youthful level.

Recent DNA/RNA Research Reveals:

In a recent randomized placebo controlled clinical study conducted by Kruger et al, the anti-aging effects of Cellfood DNA/RNA were proven. In the first phase, 20 persons either took or did not take the formula for 12 weeks. As expected, the placebo group subjects showed not change in homocysteine levels. In contrast, the treated group showed a statistically significant reduction of homocysteine from 10.0 to 8.5. This represents approximately a 15 year reduction in physiologic aging chemistry.

Excellent nutrient absorption was also shown by a statistically significant 26% increase in serum folic acid levels from 24.9 to 33.9 units. In contrast, there was no significant change in folic acid in the placebo group. While uric acid is a byproduct of the metabolism of DNA and RNA, people showed no significant increase in uric acid levels after using the active formula for 12 weeks.

In the second phase, 36 sedentary persons were instructed to exercise 30 minutes 3 times per week (walking or cycling) for 60 days. Half the group got placebo and half the group took Cellfood DNA/RNA at the standard serving of 6 sprays per day. Cellfood DNA/RNA also contains ATP which may directly improve muscular performance and reduce lactic acid accumulation, the cause of "the burn" with strenuous activity.

Results after 30 days were remarkable. The Rockport one mile walk test showed no significant improvement in exercise for the placebo group. The group taking Cellfood DNA/RNA showed a statistically significant 5.2% reduction in the time to walk one mile from 13.5 to 12.8 minutes.

The term V02 max refers to the amount of oxygen being consumed during activity. The placebo group showed no significant changes in oxygen consumption. In sharp contrast, the group using Cellfood DNA/RNA showed a marked 8.4% improvement in oxygen consumption from 40.1 to 43.5. This is nearly a full metabolic unit increase (1 met = 3.5 milliliters of oxygen per kilogram body weight per minute) compared to the placebo. Thus, persons taking the formula achieved significantly greater results in exercise capacity than those taking placebo for the same amount of suggested exercise.

An improvement in exercise capacity is taken as a biomarker of being physiologically younger. Thus, the use of Cellfood DNA/RNA has been shown to have significant anti-aging effects both on blood chemistry and in physical performance.




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