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Nutritional Supplements are saviCellfood 2: Oxygen Therapy, Water Purifier



Technical Information:

When asked to describe CELLFOOD™, it becomes apparent that it would take many hours just to describe the MAIN principles and activities of this highly technical product.

CELLFOOD™ is a proprietary formulation of a super energized colloidal mineral concentrate, capable of holding- 78 elements in full solution and delivering them, through ingestion, to every single cell in the human body.

CELLFOOD™ has the unique ability to dissociate the water molecule into nascent hydrogen and nascent oxygen. This "splitting" of the water molecule (H 20) results in the RELEASE of nascent hydrogen and oxygen cases simultaneously in a chain reaction that only involves one five-hundred thousands of the available moisture at one time. This results in an additional source of oxygen available from the water molecule.

a. "Splitting" is performed by means of weakening the bonding electrons (Ionic Transfers)

1. In the H2O molecule, the density of the electron cloud is located around the Oxygen atom; the bonding electrons are shifted toward Oxygen and away from the Hydrogen. CELLFOOD™ allows the bonds in the electron distribution to be unsymmetrical (Polar). The hydrogen molecule can then be described as DI-POLE, with the Oxygen atom acting as a negative pole and the Hydrogen as a positive pole.

2. DI-BASE - Generally dissociate in solution into one Hydrogen ion and the residue of the molecule, the second replaceable Hydrogen atom not splitting off as an ion until the greater quantity of the first has been removed.

Why Oxygen and Hydrogen both are important to the human body.

a. Oxygen - Mainly used for Oxidation purposes

Catabolism (Inducible enzymes are involved in splitting complex rnolecules (substrates) that provides energy or simple materials for the synthesis of other compounds) (Protein catabolism is the breakdown of body protein in metabolism, as a response to stress whatever its source, feeds upon a lack of oxygen, therefore the starting block to good health is ample supply of oxygen to every cell in the human body. CELLFOOD™ helps the human body to be revitalized. Damaged tissue can be effectively and safely rebuilt. Dead cells can be flushed away due to the fluid rich with magnesium and nascent oxygen released into the bloodstream.

b. Hydrogen - Mainly used for Reduction purposes.

1. Hydrogenation - (Also called reduction) is the addition of hydrogen to a molecule.

2. Some body processes also require hydrogen and it is very important with the Electron Transport Chain ,which is used for biological oxidation and reduction. (Electron Transport Chain - Route by which electron transfers through a number of intermediate compounds that readily accept and release electrons, alternating between an oxidized and a reduced form.)

3. pH (stands for Power of Hydrogen) and we all know how important pH is to the human body.

By definition:

AEROBIC - Able to live or grow only when free oxygen is present.

4.Fed by fusion and fission, all human, animal, plant and soil life springs from hydrogen and it is the commonest element in the universe.

CELLFOOD™ is a powerful electrolyte (compound which conducts electricity in aqueous solutions).

They conduct electricity because the ions are free to move with Cations carrying a positive charge and Anions carrying- a negative charge. Because there are a large number of ions in CELLFOOD™, it is an excellent electrolyte. The mind takes control of body functions induced by the electrical currents moving through the full conductive nervous system.

PROTEINS - Molecules essential to maintaining the structure and function of all living organisms.

The term protein is derived from the Greek word proteies, meaning "primary".

Other established findings:

All enzymes are simply proteins - James B. Sumner (American biochemist, 1927)

The chemical structure and the peptide bond of Amino Acids is the primary units of protein. (Emil Fischer, 1902)

When Everette Storey wrote that CELLFOOD™ contained Aerobic Proteins, I suspect he was referring to the enzymes present in CELLFOOD™ as proteins, as the broad category really is proteins. He could have stated enzymes instead of the word proteins, and still have been correct.

CELLFOOD™ (Deuterium Sulfate - {D2SO4] )

Cellfood ™ (Deuterium Sulfate - {D2SO4] ) is a propretary secret formulation that is completely soluble in water, and is a mineral concentrate developed from a dia-base solution.

Potential energy of Cellfood ™ concentrate in the bottle could be compared to energy in the bank, or energy not being used. Kinetic energy is "energy in action" or energy which is exerting its effect. Using the automobile as a demonstration, the Cellfood™ would be considered as the gasoline in the tank. The engine converts the potential energy of the gasoline into kinetic energy which in turn moves the car. The alternator or generator of the car also takes some of this kinetic energy (electrical energy) and transfers it back to the battery which stores the energy as potential energy. There are other forms of energy at work in an automobile, just as there are in a human body, such as heat, light, and electrical energy.

Moving, electrical, heat and light are common everyday experiences and are recognized as energy transformations. At the cellular level, energy transformations from potential to kinetic form and between chemical, mechanical, electrical and light are not less diversified. This energy is used for movement (Kinetic energy in action), accumulation of high concentrations of beneficial materials (this needs a continuous supply of oxygen which is supplied by Cellfood™) and to maintain themselves and to grow requires considerable energy for protein synthesis. In cells, 90% of energy used in biosynthesis is for synthesis of protein.

We think that of Thermodynamics as our energy accountant. It tells us if we have a balance, that is, a reserve of energy. It tells us how much it will cost us in terms of an energy currency to go from one situation to another. Finally, thermodynamics tells us how far, on an energy scale, we are away from equilibrium, and, most important, which direction the process must take to reach equilibrium. However, unlike our accountant, thermodynamics is quite adamant in letting us have an overdraft of energy currency (bounced check). Every biochemical process must be accurately accounted for. With these guiding principles in mind, we shall now concern ourselves with the energy cycle of life, such as the mechanical work of construction, the chemical work of biosynthesis and the osmotic work of active transport across the cell membrane.

Cellfood™ enhances the bodies "biopotential". Cells of many biological organs generate an electric potential called biopotential that may result in the flow of electric current. This bioelectrcity originates in all process in which the cell membrane is selectively permeable to such common ions in organisms as sodium and potassium. This selectivity results in an unequal distribution between the inside of the cell and the outside (similar to an electric battery).

The difference in concentration of ions inside and outside the membrane and the ion-selective permeability of the membranes determines whether diffusion is inward or outward (flow). Flow occurs only when the membrane is depolarized. Because the colloidal minerals in Cellfood™ are also ionic, this enhances the ability of the individual cells to absorb the needed minerals. The cells are ion-selective and minerals not needed in that cell are passed on to the cells that need them. Cellfood™ provides an incredible delivery system for these minerals and increases mineral absorption.

Some proteins have important smaller molecules, known as prosthetic groups, attached to their surfaces; Heme, a porphyrin ring containing an iron atom, is an example. It gives hemoglobin and myoglobin the ability to transport and store oxygen.

Animals (including humans) cannot synthesize eight essential amino acids and therefore depend on food to obtain them.

Electron Transport System & Related Information:

The Krebs cycle can be looked on as a machine for removing hydrogens from foodstuffs; the hydrogens are sent to the Electron Transport System (ETS). Each molecule of the hydrogen carrier in the Nicotin deAdenine Dinucleotide (NAD), delivers two electrons and one proton of a hydrogen molecule to the ETS. The energy produced by the ETS is used to for-m a chemical bond between Adenosine Diphosphate (ADP) and inorganic phosphate to form ATP.

In fact, as a pair of electrons pass down the ETS from be-inning to end, where it is captured by oxygen, enough energy is trapped to synthesize three ATP molecules. In fully functional cells, electron transport is tightly coupled to oxidative phosphorylation. That is, if ATP synthesis is prevented (which would happen if there were a lack of ADP or oxygen), electron transport will not take place.

The initial energy for muscle action comes from the manufacture of ATP. When energy is released by the breakdown of ATP, the synthesis cells contract. This system provides energy for short, quick bursts of activity and is a major source of power for the first 2O-30 seconds of intense exercise. Beyond the second minute of exercise, the oxycen-using aerobic system, for endurance activities, predominates.

Some questions that are occasionally asked about CELLFOOD:

1. Does CELLFOOD™ contain oxygen?

The answer is that CELLFOOD™ is able to generate oxygen from "splitting" the water molecule. The concentrate Is added to water and at that time begins to generate oxygen. CELLFOOD™ itself does not really contain large amounts of oxygen.

2. What stops the generation of oxygen and hydrogen?

Simply stated, when the body needs oxygen, it utilizes the oxygen needed. Since CELLFOOD™ utilizes only one five-hundred thousands of the available moisture at one time, there is usually plenty more there available to release if needed.  When the proper saturation point is reached, the oxygen generation stops. (Note: you will not explode with excess amount of oxygen or hydrogen as it is not released until needed).

3.Why would CELLFOOD™ be preferable to just plain colloidal minerals? There are many of them available in the marketplace today.

Only CELLFOOD™ is capable of holding, 78 elements in a full aqueous solution and delivering them through ingestion to every single cell.

4. Product storage?

Shelf life of CELLFOOD™ is almost indefinite. Sample batches from 25 years ago have been tested and actually are improved (similar to fine wines).

Extreme temperatures -

Extreme cold ... Although freezing will cause the minerals to "drop" out of solution, simply re-shaken,- the bottle will normally bring the minerals back into solution. (Note: reasonable care should be taken to guard against freezing as the container may burst with freezing and loss of product will occur.)

Extreme heat ... It is suggested to keep CELLFOOD™ from direct sunlight and extreme heat.

5 .Mixing with purified water or mineral water, refrigerated or not refrigerated, open or close container?

In open container left out, the solution will have a tendency to draw moisture from the atmosphere and actually weaken the solution, therefore we suggest that it not be left out in an open container for more than a few hours. For back packing,, etc., there will not be a problem because after drinking, the container is re-sealed. Note: this is also a good method of purifying water that you are somewhat uncertain about (such as from a river of- stream). Simply add 3 drops of CELLFOOD™ to I pt. of water. It will even take the "smell" out of the water and improve the taste.

In earthquake areas (such as CA). CELLFOOD™ should be kept available to make sure that stored water that is kept around for several months can be purified. (Note: It is suggested that the CELLFOOD™ not be added until ready to use).

6. Topical use - Mix CELLFOOD™ with at least 20 parts of water and use this solution for soaking or dabbing- onto the cut, burn or affected area. (Note: company owners use small amount of CELLFOOD™ in spa and have experienced tremendous results with softening, skin and other side benefits as well as keeping, spa water clean and clear).

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